2021 Employee of the Year Award – Susan Kallio

We are happy to announce Susan Kallio as our 2021 Employee of the Year.

Susan is an extremely dedicated employee who always goes the extra mile to
ensure that the individuals she works with get the support and opportunities
they need to be fully included in their communities. She understands the
importance of developing meaningful valued social roles for those she
supports and she has a “natural” way of going about her work, demonstrating
that she has a clear passion for what she does.

The Nemasket Group is fortunate to have so many wonderful and dedicated
people working for the organization. We want to acknowledge the other
employees who were also nominated for the 2021 Employee of the Year
Award (Justin Laurianno, Baithan Raposo, Patrick Russell, and Chelsea
Wynne). Congratulations to Susan and all of the nominees.