Looking to hire Employment Specialist in the field of developmental disabilities for full-time position.

Join a progressive organization providing personalized services/supports.

Responsibilities of this position include (but not limited to):

Be a member of a team providing direct supports to adults with disabilities within the community.

Job duties include teaching people skills in the community and helping people fill valued social roles.

Responsibilities of this position include (but not limited to):

Looking for a creative professional to assess, train and provide job supports for people with disabilities.
Must be flexible in scheduling and work as a team.
Identify and research community membership of interest to the people we support.
Assist the people we support to reach and maintain their personal goals.
Must have a valid driver’s license and use your own vehicle. 2 years experience is preferred, but organization will train. Great benefit package.

Please email resume and letter of interest to ErickaDuckett@NemasketGroup.org
EO/AA/ADA Employer

The Nemasket Group is a progressive organization providing individualized/personalized support services in the field of intellectual/developmental disabilities.   The organization is looking to hire a Program Director for the residential/community support program.   The candidate chosen will have proven leadership experience in community support programs, supervision/mentoring, effective communication, conflict resolution, and team building.

The Program Director is responsible for the oversight and to coordinate all aspects of supports and/or services provided to the individuals in the program with a strong emphasis on individual interests, community integration, competency and image enhancement, development of valued social roles, and relationship building (including unpaid/natural supports.)  The Program Director provides direct supervision to all nurses, consultants, direct support staff, and/or Team Leaders assigned to his/her caseload by the Executive Director.

The Community Living Program Director supervises program staff to provide personalized assistance and use methods that promote independence, enabling individuals to accomplish activities of daily living including but not limited to: dressing, grooming, personal hygiene, medical/health issues, dietary concerns, grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation, budgeting and finances, safety issues, and general household responsibilities.

Responsibilities of the Community Living Program Director include but are not limited to:

  • Developing and implementing Individualized Support Plans on an annual basis, with revisions as needed
  • Monitor program supports by visiting the homes/residences on a frequent basis
  • Provide advocacy in human, civil and legal rights
  • Act as a liaison between families, guardians, other agencies, and service providers
  • Monitor medical, financial, safety, and well-being of individuals
  • Recruit, hire, train, and supervise staff
  • Complete and review annual performance evaluations
  • Scheduling of staffing hours
  • Review and approve time sheets and mileage sheets
  • Coordinate and facilitate team meetings
  • Participate in staff, team, and leadership meetings
  • Develop, revise and update support agreements
  • Coordinate all intakes within assigned programs
  • Complete all necessary internal and external paperwork
  • Implement, monitor, revise and/or maintain appropriate documentation according to licensing regulations
  • Administratively responsible for all assigned personnel
  • Monitor and coordinate all program services received within the agency and outside agency
  • Ensure compliance with all Federal and State rules and regulations governing the program
  • Ensure compliance with Medication Administration Procedures
  • Monitor program operation, program budgets, individual funding, overtime usage, and staffing needs
  • Monitor the general progress of the program
  • Identify and resolve any potential conflicts that may arise

Excellent benefits package.

Salary commensurate with level of education and experience.

Louis Nisenbaum, Founding Executive Director of The Nemasket Group, Inc. 1984 – 2011

In January of 2014, The Nemasket Group embarked upon a strategic planning process.  What emerged was an overarching theme: Imagine Better – people leading enviable lives define the true meaning of community.  It was intended that our organization further embed the concept of valued social roles into the structures of The Nemasket Group.   To use a building metaphor, work hard at making sure that the foundation, walls, wiring, etc. of The Nemasket Group are infused with the relevant SRV strategies for building valued roles.  The more we do this successfully , the more natural it will be for employees of the organization to work together at supporting the people served to be in valued roles leading to “the good things of life.”

As we began strategizing, The Nemasket Group was in the midst of significant change.  Many stakeholders were still grieving the loss of the founding Executive Director, Louis Nisenbaum, and uncertain about the future of The Nemasket Group.  It is crucial that The Nemasket Group remain true to the Mission of the organization, build on Lou’s legacy, and take action steps that will instill a sense of security in our stakeholders.  Therefore, one of our Strategic Plan priorities is related to “Legacy, Stability, and Security”.  We want to ensure that employees of the organization know who Louis Nisenbaum was, and understand the legacy he left with The Nemasket Group. One of the things we did to ensure this is to create an audio recording of interviews with people that Lou knew and the impact he had on their lives. We hope you enjoy the audio recordings and find inspiration in the words of those who knew Lou.


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