Family Support Advisor in Family Connections Program – Full-Time and/or Part-Time Positions Available

The role of the Family Advisor is to assist families in learning techniques and gathering information necessary to better enable them in advocating and caring for their family member.  Work with the family as a whole.  Finding, introducing and when necessary, creating community services which will enhance their daily Lives.  Below is a list of the primary duties of the Family Advisor, however, the duties will not be limited to the following:

Essential Programatic Job Responsibilities:

  • Family interview, write up of initial interview, family plan and subsequent progress notes.
  • Work with families as a unit, as well as with the individual having special needs.
  • Coordinate implementation of family plan.
  • Provide information, referral and follow-up support services to individual/family; conduct home visits when necessary to support, educate and counsel family members; Assist families to meet their needs in a way that empowers them.
  • Work, as a liaison for families, in the local School Departments, ranging from Special Needs Director to Classroom teachers:
  • Knowledge of Chapter 766, in order to assist parents with IEP Process
  • Attend IEP meetings with parents when necessary
  • Assist parents in assessing the educational plans when requested
  • Deal with crisis and be able to help families set priorities.
  • Work with local recreation, social and civic groups to integrate individuals in community activities, as well as, generic community services.
  • Work, as a liaison for families, in the local and or state Departments, ranging from Area Director of DDS to State Legislators:
  • Assist individuals to obtain socially valued roles within their community.
  • Provide personalized assistance and use methods that promote independence enabling individuals to accomplish activities of daily living and to partake in and achieve socially valued roles.
  • Assist the individual supported to meet their personal and individualized goals including but not limited to those outlined in the IEP in a manner that is typical and valued by ordinary citizens.
  • Provide support to fulfill meaningful individual interests in community integration, companionship, and relationship building. Spend time being with the person and their family members. Become familiar with their likes and dislikes, routines, and preferences. Encourage and support the person in ways that will bring out the best in them.
  • Work with the support team to develop and implement strategies based on SRV’s teachings related to image and competency with the goal of assisting the person in obtaining and/ or increasing the Good Things In Life.(See Attached.  Assist in planning with individuals to develop goals that maximize their strengths, increase control over their lives, and help to enhance their opportunities to achieve socially valued roles within the role domains of relationships, home, work, education, recreation, community and culture.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with individuals and their families, advocates, co-workers, supervisors and other support providing agencies including DDS and others connected to the individual.
  • Provide support to fulfill meaningful individual interests in community membership and relationships while always working to increase a persons’ opportunity for socially valued roles.
  • Work with the support team to demonstrate the person’s interests, talents, gifts, and skills in typical and ordinary ways that community members respect, value, and find interesting. Create opportunities for the person to be welcomed by valued people. Develop opportunities and expectations for people being supported to be fully engaged in their community and by using their interests, finding role domains where those interests and gifts are welcome, and support that person to participate in a meaningful way.
  • Use a variety of transportation means including but not limited to personal vehicle and public transportation in ways that typical and valued people do.
  • Complete legible documentation that is respectful and individualized as required by regulatory bodies as well as The Nemasket Group.
  • Encourage the person supported to exercise self determination and self advocacy in a manner that is socially valued, typical, and reflects who that person is.
  • Inform Teach individuals of their rights and responsibilities as citizens and support them to exercise those rights balanced with the responsibility that accompanies those rights for all valued citizen.


  • Performs outreach and public relations activities necessary to identify and inform families about Family Connections.
  • Keep telephone log and submit monthly reports and billing to Program Director on various aspects of activities, i.e. number of phone calls, home/office visits, meetings, etc.
  • Maintain files, including updating Family Support Plans, Expenditure Plans etc. when necessary, in order to keep up to date files.
  • Attend and participate in team meetings and provide updates in activities that affect the operation of the team.
  • Participate in professional growth and development training activities as required.
  • Have a vehicle available to drive for home visits and transportation needs of families that require assistance.
  • Comply with company’s work schedule and attendance policy.
  • Meet dress code requirements.
  • Work evenings, weekends and holidays when necessary.
  • Provide technical assistance, training within team and to other companies.
  • Complete performance measurements and job standards within established time lines.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the director, which may not be included in this job description.


  • Develop a working relationship with community agencies in The Greater New Bedford Area.
  • Work, as a liaison for families and individuals, within the human service system.
  • Share information on all cases enabling both Program Director and other advisors to have working knowledge of all families involved in Family Connections.
  • Assist Director of Family Connections with Annual Program Evaluation.
  • Be on call one week a month with Family Connections Emergency “On Call” phone.

Minimum Qualification Standards

  • High School Diploma or equivalent is required.
  • A. in Human Services, education or a related field.
  • At least five years experience working with families, or in advocacy or in community organizing related to design and intent of Family Connections initiative.
  • Must be knowledgeable in computer use and willing to learn and utilize the existing and planned computer networks.
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills required.
  • Must be able to work in a fast paced work environment.
  • Must meet applicant background check.
  • Additional experience can be substituted for educational requirements at the discretion of the Executive Director of the Nemasket Group.

Please forward resume to:

EO/AA/ADA Employer