Louis Nisenbaum, Founding Executive Director Tribute

Louis Nisenbaum, Founding Executive Director of The Nemasket Group, Inc. 1984 – 2011

In January of 2014, The Nemasket Group embarked upon a strategic planning process.  What emerged was an overarching theme: Imagine Better – people leading enviable lives define the true meaning of community.  It was intended that our organization further embed the concept of valued social roles into the structures of The Nemasket Group.   To use a building metaphor, work hard at making sure that the foundation, walls, wiring, etc. of The Nemasket Group are infused with the relevant SRV strategies for building valued roles.  The more we do this successfully , the more natural it will be for employees of the organization to work together at supporting the people served to be in valued roles leading to “the good things of life.”

As we began strategizing, The Nemasket Group was in the midst of significant change.  Many stakeholders were still grieving the loss of the founding Executive Director, Louis Nisenbaum, and uncertain about the future of The Nemasket Group.  It is crucial that The Nemasket Group remain true to the Mission of the organization, build on Lou’s legacy, and take action steps that will instill a sense of security in our stakeholders.  Therefore, one of our Strategic Plan priorities is related to “Legacy, Stability, and Security”.  We want to ensure that employees of the organization know who Louis Nisenbaum was, and understand the legacy he left with The Nemasket Group. One of the things we did to ensure this is to create an audio recording of interviews with people that Lou knew and the impact he had on their lives. We hope you enjoy the audio recordings and find inspiration in the words of those who knew Lou.