Summer Quarterly Newsletter – “My Place At The Table”

The Nemasket Group’s Summer Quarterly Newsletter has been released with an article written by Karin Bonesteel…. My Place At The Table.

Michaels’ story is a remarkable journey and lesson in how if we hold positive
expectations about a person’s capacity for learning and growth, then we are
more likely to provide relevant opportunities and have high expectations for
them. By Michael living in a typical home, engaged in ordinary life,
surrounded by others who believed in his ability, by holding meaningful jobs
that he is paid for and learns from, and having people stand by him and walk
with him, his life is rich and full. And we are richer people for knowing Michael
and all he has taught us.

Read the Summer 2021 Quarterly Newsletter by clicking here

Some other highlights:  

  • 2021 Employee of the Year – Susan Kallio
  • Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week – Sept 12-18th 2021
  • SAVE THE DATE – Golf Tournament held in memory of Louis Nisenbaum – August 30th at the Bay Club in Mattapoisett
  • 5K Your Way – May 2021
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