Agency with Choice” is a relatively new model of service for individuals who are interested in self-directing their own services and supports.  Self-direction provides choices, and supports people with disabilities to help live the lives they desire.  Under self-direction, individuals and families have more control and flexibility to find and create the supports they need to do the things they really want to do.

The Nemasket Group has been an Agency with Choice provider since 2013.  Individuals who elect to use the Agency with Choice model will have an individual budget allocated by the Department of Developmental Services for the purchase of services based on their assessed needs.

 Agency with Choice is also known as a “co-employment” model, in which the employer duties are split between The Nemasket Group which serves as the “employer of record” and the individual/family who serve as the “managing employer”.  Specifically individuals/families are responsible for the recruitment and selection of staff, and the daily supervision of staff including setting specific responsibilities, schedules and hours.  While The Nemasket Group assumes both the legal and financial responsibilities associated with being an employer and is responsible for employing and paying the staff who have been identified and selected by the individual and family; withholding, filing and paying all taxes and providing worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance.

For more information contact Sandra Heller at 508 999-4436