The Community Living Program supports members of our community who have developmental disabilities to lead more meaningful lives and fill valued social roles.  People  that receive services through our Community Living Program live in a variety of settings that they choose – alone, with a roommate, with family, etc.  Their supports are designed around their needs and preferences in a way that respects people, listens to them, and helps them to make informed decisions. The people supported and their families choose who works with them, when they do so, and what their support role is in that person’s life.

Margaret Lydia Brownell (Maggie) was the first person supported residentially by The Nemasket Group.  It was 1992  and Maggie was 67 years old.  It was Maggie’s first home and a first of many things to come for her. This is a reflective documentary of Maggie’s life about growing up as a client in the institution and the atrocities that Maggie endured which resulted in the many wounds that she carried with her for the rest of her life.  Maggie was supported by The Nemasket Group until her death at 90 years old.  We are both proud and humbled to say that Maggie was able to heal from many of these wounds and that upon her death, she had many valued social roles and was deeply loved.  We are extremely grateful to Maggie for sharing her story and life with us.  The lessons she taught us are invaluable.

The Community Living Program receives funding for services from the Department of Developmental Services.  In addition, we offer a private pay option to supplement this funding source.

Please contact Jaime Alves for more information.

For “urgent matters” related to residential services, the on-call emergency cell phone can be used:  508-789-0771