Participants in the Job Paths Program work towards employment and careers resulting in increased self-esteem and community membership.  As with all of the services offered by The Nemasket Group, the services of the Job Paths Program are community (non-site) based.

For individuals with disabilities….the Job Paths Program IS about:

  • Developing the capacity to work and become valued employees
  • Providing opportunities to earn money
  • Raising self-esteem
  • Supporting individuals to gain membership in their communities

For employers….the Job Paths Program IS about:

  • A reputable non-profit supported employment organization
  • A large pool of potential applicants
  • Savings by prescreening applicants
  • Job training assistance
  • Ongoing consultants
  • Analyzing work related needs of employer and employees
  • Assistance to individuals in acquiring reliable transportation

The Job Paths Program IS NOT:

  • About pity…. We believe in people’s capacity to do fine work, in ability…. not disability.
  • About hiring employees who are going to have lots of accident.
  • About spending lots of money adapting your business…. Most workers with disabilities require NO special accommodations and the cost for those who do is minimal or much lower than many employers believe.

The Job Paths Program receives funding for services from the Department of Developmental Services, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, and the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind.  In addition, we offer a private pay option to supplement these funding sources.

Please contact Ericka Duckett for more information.

For “urgent matters” related to day and employment services, the on-call emergency cell phone can be used:  774-762-6030


This story/video highlights the importance of natural supports in the workplace and the creation of valued social roles
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