“People who fill roles that are positively valued by others will generally be afforded the good things in life, but people who fill roles that are devalued by others will typically get badly treated by them.”

Social Role Valorization when well applied has the potential to help devalued people to gain greater access to the good things in life and be spared at least some of the negative effects of social devaluation.”

Social Role Valorization (SRV) is a systematic and universally applicable concept for structuring human services. SRV suggests that there is a close relationship between the socially perceived value of the roles that people hold, and whether people in those roles will be accorded opportunities and other good things in life. Bad things tend to get done to people in devalued roles and, good things tend to be afforded to people in positively valued roles.”

– Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger

Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger was the originator of Social Role Valorization and the Normalization Principle, concepts that strongly influenced disability policy and practice in the Canada, the US and other parts of the world. He was widely recognized as a major contributor to the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities in the 20th century and had a reputation for being a stirring and controversial speaker.

Social Role Valorization training is provided to the staff of The Nemasket Group, the Board of Directors, and others.

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The Social Role Valorization Implementation Project

It is with great pleasure that the International Association for SRV announces the launching of an important new resource for Social Role Valorization.

This refreshed and newly re-designed website is the first initiative of the International Association for Social Role Valorization (IASRV) – you can find information on this new global SRV association and much more on the website at www.socialrolevalorization.com. Find all the updated information about workshops, training organizations, trainers, and activities . The website is now live but still developing and expanding. Although already a robust resource, check back often for more resource materials, more news, and more ways to get involved with SRV.

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