Download Louis Nisenbaum Memorial Scholarship Application

The Louis Nisenbaum Memorial Scholarship Fund is available to family members of children/adults with disabilities. The goal of the Scholarship Fund is to grant family members the opportunity to attend conferences in which the central theme is inclusion/living in community.  Applicants can submit a request to attend either national or international conferences.

Lou’s passion and commitment for people with disabilities were woven into the fabric of his being. He was fascinated by people and he truly believed we are our brother’s keeper. He absolutely loved connecting people, looking for resources and sharing ideas. He also enjoyed challenging all of us to imagine better! The world he wanted to live in, and worked to create, was really all about community. It was about being there for each other.  He often said, “Everyone needs someone in their lives to be unreasonable on their behalf.” Lou willingly took on that role for so many people as do so many other family members. Lou considered himself fortunate to work throughout the state, nationally and internationally. He humbly sought ideas and shared ideas always believing that he had so much to learn. He was besotted by the idea of family support and the potential of families to create change. He was instrumental in the development of our system of family support here in Massachusetts. Lou would be delighted to know that through this scholarship fund he will provide other family members the opportunity to “partake of learning” which might enhance the lives of their family members, others living with disability and our fellow community members.

Donations for this Scholarship Fund are gratefully appreciated and may also be sent to The Nemasket Group, 109 Fairhaven Road, Mattapoisett, MA 02739. Please write LN Scholarship Fund on MEMO line.

“We all know that community must be the center of our lives because it is only in community that we can be citizens. It is only in community that we can find care. It is only in community that we can hear people singing. And if you listen carefully, you can hear the words: “I care for you.”                                     John McKnight