Workshop Content: This workshop provides deep background necessary to enable informed people to understand and discern how best to resist the rapidly growing trends within modern culture to legitimize the infliction of grave and often lethal harm on vulnerable citizens by medical means, such as physician-assisted suicide and other efforts to “euthanize” vulnerable people.  These trends are a reality for all citizens but are especially ominous for people who are members of a socially disadvantaged class, such as those who have mental and/or physical impairments, the elderly, people who are socially marginalized, and those who are poor.  Specifically, the workshop will cover the following topics:

  • The sources of vulnerability in medical settings
  • Who is most likely to be harmed by these realities
  • Two mutually opposed ideologies governing life & death medical decisions
  • How “quality of life” thinking pervades modern culture and is actualized in contemporary medical practice
  • How such practices are drenched in lies and deceptions
  • Overview of an alternative positive ideology and what it implies
  • What concerned people can do to combat life threatening medical practices

Workshop Format: Thursday session is presented in lecture style using slides with opportunity for participant questions, comments, and general discussion.

OCTOBER 29, 2019
50 Rosebrook Place – Wareham, MA
8:00- 8:30 AM Coffee and registration
8:30-4:00 Session
Cost : $40.00 (Lunch included)

Sponsored by SE Department of Developmental Disabilities Learning and Staff Development, Community Systems Inc. and The Nemasket Group, Inc.

Who should attend:

  • Health care advocates
  • Interested citizens and policymakers
  • Advocates, friends, and families of people who have disabilities and other vulnerable people who may be marginalized by society.
  • Human service workers and medical staff
  • People with developmental and other disabilities

Jo Massarelli, Director of the SRV Implementation Project, Worcester, MA is a consultant to the Medical Safeguards Project, an effort of physicians and nurses who seek to protect the lives of impaired people in medical settings.  She has a particular interest in advocacy in hospitals.  She and her colleagues teach workshops on defending vulnerable people in hospitals and on medical decision-making.

Joe Osburn, Director of the Indiana Safeguards initiative, Indianapolis, IN, has worked in human services since 1964 in a variety of direct service, administrative, and consultative positions primarily with poor families and families with impaired children.  Since 1974, his work has focused particularly on the dissemination and application of normalization/Social Role Valorization (SRV) as a major safeguard in the lives in socially vulnerable people.

Register by October 15, 2019 by contacting Amy Cornell:

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July-August 2019 Family Connections Newsletter #97

The summer Family Connections Center Newsletter has just been released:

  • Meet new Family Support Advocates Yajaira and Ana
  • Summer Sizzler – Friday, August 16th 5-7pm
  • Intelligent Lives Screening – October 20th
  • Family Movie Night – August 8th
  • Resource and Craft Fair – October 20th
  • Fun at Noah’s Place Playground – August 27th
  • Beyond High School:  College and More!
  • Circle of Security Parenting Series
  • Rewarding Work Online Directory & Job Board
  • Family Leadership Series
  • Employee of the Year – Pat Charyk
  • Conference Committee Finalizes Outstanding Budget

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