Looking to Hire Registered Nurse Part-time in the Greater New Bedford area

Join a non-profit organization supporting individuals with IDD in the Greater New Bedford area.

Essential Programmatic Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist people by optimizing their health and well-being by addressing with people and teaching them good practices around grooming, personal hygiene, medical/health issues, dietary concerns, meal planning and preparation, medications, and safety issues in a manner that is typical and valued by ordinary citizens.
2. Spend time being with the person and their family members (If Any). Become familiar with their likes and dislikes, routines, and preferences. Encourage and support the person in ways that will bring out the best in them.
3. Plan with individuals by optimizing their personal health in developing plans that will maximize their strengths, increase control over their lives, and help to enhance their opportunities to achieve socially valued roles within the role domains of relationships, home, work, education, recreation, community and culture.
4. Help to teach individuals of their rights and responsibilities as it pertains to their health care and support them to exercise those rights balanced with the responsibility that accompanies those rights for all valued citizens.

Non-Programmatic Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist in the provision of adequate health care for people served by assessing health, administering basic nursing treatment, and document health related information.
2. Advocate with health care providers on people’s behalf and attend appointments when time permitting and based on importance of health care need.
3. Identify and participate/coordinate in conjunction with the Team Leader in the provision of preventative, diagnostic, and rehabilitative care for people.
·4_ Educate direct support professionals on health care needs, diagnoses, medication, for people.
5. Work with families and guardians around assuring optimal health care for people.
6. Review all Health Care Encounter forms and work with Team Leader to assure best follow up medical treatment for people.
7. Write health care protocols for people around unique health care needs and assure staff are adequately trained and protocols are followed.
8. Make recommendations and suggestions around ensuring health and safety for people.
9. Participate in meetings, workshops, seminars to keep abreast of changes in professional practice to me t professional standards.
10. Receive and maintain MAP trainer certification and provide training to staff to ensure compliance with MAP regulations.
11. Assist in the maintenance of health section of black book and HCSIS and medical provider data base to assure proper medical care and follow up for people being supported.
12. Work as a team member in providing personalized assistance and use methods that promote independence enabling individuals to accomplish activities of daily living and to partake in and achieve socially valued roles.
13. Develop and implement strategies for optimum health for people based on Social Role Valorization’s teachings related to image and competency with the goal of assisting the person in obtaining and/ or increasing the Good Things In Life.
14. Complete legible documentation that is respectful and individualized as required by regulatory bodies as well as The Nemasket Group.
15. Communicate effectively and professionally with individuals and their families, advocates, co­ workers, and supervisors, other support providing agencies, DDS, and others connected to the individual.
16. All human life is of in estimative value. When it comes to matters of health and well-being, treat the people you serve with this understanding. Ensure health and safety by following the orders of health care providers, observation, and communication with healthcare professionals, as well as facilitate and assist the individual with access to health care providers.
17. Communicate with physicians, family members, friends and other healthcare professionals to become as informed as possible about the medical conditions and needs of the person. Obtain the best medical care possible.
18. Attend and participate in team meetings with the emphasis always on the people we support to have good medical care and socially valued roles.
19. Work evenings, weekends, holidays, as schedule allows.
20. Meet regularly as assigned with direct supervisor to review all services coordinated and provided to the individuals to ensure optimal health.
21. On-call responsibilities as assigned by direct supervisor.
22. Ensure Quality Assurance according to Federal and State regulations are met.
23. Ensure Medication Administration Procedures are followed by all direct support staff supervised as required.
24. Ensure compliance and documentation with all written plans and guidelines whether formal or informal.
25. Facilitate and ensure effective communication among the team supporting individuals with discussion and emphasis on health care.
26. Report personnel issues to direct supervisor.

Full-Time Benefits Include:

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Paid Time Off Includes: Sick, Vacation, Personal Time & Holiday Schedule
  • 100% Employer Paid STD, LTD & Life Insurance
  • Corporate Gym Membership
  • 403b Plan available
  • 125 Plan: Flexible Spending Account & Dependent Care
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Employee Referral Program

Eligible Part-Time Employee Benefits Include:

  • Corporate Gym Membership
  • Paid Time Off Includes: Sick, Vacation, Personal Time & Holiday Schedule
  • 403b Plan available
  • Employee Referral Program

Please forward resume to: JaimeAlves@NemasketGroup.org

EO/AA/ADA Employer

Nemasket Group Employment Application



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