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The Nemasket Group, Inc.

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Alves, Jaime – Team Leader (Community Living)
Bonesteel, Karin – Coordinator (Implementation)
Cornell, Amy – Administrative Assistant
Duckett, Ericka – Program Director (Job Paths)
Egan, Coren – Program Director (Community Living)
Galary, Dawnelle – Accounting Assistant (Accounts Receivable)
Green, Dustin – Executive Director
Heller, Sandy – Associate Exec Director/Program Director (Family Connections)
Hooley, Ross – Program Director (Building Futures)
Lawrence, Kim – Accounting Assistant (Accounts Payable)
Martocci, Donna – Coordinator (Training)
Murgo-Nisenbaum, Emily – Coordinator (Family Leadership Series)
Newcomer, Jennifer – Program Coordinator (Family Connections)
Pina-Barnes, Heidi – Program Coordinator (Agency with Choice)
Reilly, Jessica – Human Resource Director
Russell, Patrick – Team Leader (Job Paths)
Sheehan, Wendy– Team Leader (Job Paths)
Souza, Kathryn – Finance Director
Souza, Rick – Facilities Manager
Teixeira, Tanya – Team Leader (Community Living)
Yates, Jack – Coordinator (Creating Our Common Wealth)